Mayfield Sportshouse is your #1 spot for LIVE sport, entertainment and great food!

Boasting 16 tap beers and 20 big TV screens covering all major sporting events. With fantastic food, barista made coffee why not pop down and make us your local if you haven't already.

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Well friends, so many things you all must remember well. With many stories you all could tell. How our venue got its beautiful name...

'Freemans' and 'Mayfield' both vanished and 'Glenfield' came. Remember? (except, of course, from Chrissie Runcieman’s verses written for the Glenfield Diamond Jubilee on 31 March 1951. Routhwaite, Valerie. The Story of Rural Glenfield.1989, p.69)

11 March 1912 marks a historic event in the history of Auckland’s suburb today - known as Glenfield.  Its community, consisting mainly of farmers back in the days - originally settled for the historically famous name 'Mayfield'.  The name was chosen by the community as the Manuka in bloom resembled springtime in England (The home of many of Mayfield’s residents back then).  As the name already existed for a place in South Canterbury, Auckland’s suburb would never be given complete postal recognition up until 11 March 1912. 

More information about that HERE

The name change affected most local institutions too: the school, the church and the library!  By naming our new venue Mayfield, we hope to revive the old spirit of the suburb and help to remember its former name, as the poem by Runcieman suggests.  

So we hereby present your local Mayfield Sportshouse in hope that the community will remember it as a place of happiness, love and good times!